No, Binary Collations are not Case-Sensitive

Quite often people will use, or will recommend using, a binary Collation (one ending in "_BIN" or "_BIN2") when wanting to do a case-sensitive operation. While in many cases it appears to behave as expected, it is best to not use a binary Collation for this purpose. The problem with using binary Collations to achieve… Continue reading No, Binary Collations are not Case-Sensitive

Impact on Indexes When Mixing VARCHAR and NVARCHAR Types

You may have heard, or read, that you should not mix VARCHAR and NVARCHAR datatypes, especially when one of them is a JOIN or WHERE predicate / condition, as doing so will invalidate indexes. While it is always best to have all datatypes be the same for a particular operation (comparison, concatenation, etc), the actual… Continue reading Impact on Indexes When Mixing VARCHAR and NVARCHAR Types