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My name is Solomon Rutzky and I have been working with computers since the mid 1980s. I started out programming in Basic on various systems: Apple II, TI 99-4A, TRS-80, and IBM PC. In college I started working with Unix (AIX on an IBM RS/6000 and Linux at home). In college, and in my first job upon graduating, I had minor exposure to IBM Mainframes (PL/I, JCL, DB2) and minimal exposure to Novell NetWare and even VAX/VMS.

There were several years (late college through first few jobs) in which I built my own PCs and did systems administration, but I haven’t done either since around 2002 and have absolutely no regrets about leaving such things behind to focus on designing software, programming, and data modeling. I certainly do not miss setting COM ports and IRQs via jumpers to find the magic combination that allowed the sound card, modem, and mouse to all function at the same time ;-).

I have been working with databases since 1996 (IBM DB2 on Mainframes and Unix, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, InterBase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc), focusing on Microsoft SQL Server since 2002. I have written several articles for SQL Server Central, including the Stairway to SQLCLR series, and SimpleTalk.

I am owner / founder of Sql Quantum Lift, and am the creator of the popular SQLCLR library of functions: SQL#. Time permitting, I help others by answering questions on a couple of StackExchange sites (stats below) and Ask.SqlServerCentral.com.

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