Which Collation is Used to Convert NVARCHAR to VARCHAR in a WHERE Condition? (Part A of 2: “Duck”)

Microsoft says string literals not prefixed with "N" are converted to the Code Page of the Database OR referenced column. Is that true?

Sessions, Temporary Objects, and the Afterlife

Global temp objects drop automatically when Sessions end, right? But when do they end? Think you know? Are you sure?

Line-Continuation in T-SQL

Some (or maybe most?) languages and operating system command shells allow for breaking up long lines into multiple lines (i.e. lines separated by hitting Enter / Return). This is accomplished by ending a line with a particular character that indicates that the line is not ending. For operating system shells this means that the command… Continue reading Line-Continuation in T-SQL

Impact on Indexes When Mixing VARCHAR and NVARCHAR Types

(last updated: 2019-11-10 @ 11:15 EST / 2019-11-10 @ 16:15 UTC ) You may have heard, or read, that you should not mix VARCHAR and NVARCHAR datatypes, especially when one of them is a JOIN or WHERE predicate / condition, as doing so will invalidate indexes. While it is always best to have all datatypes… Continue reading Impact on Indexes When Mixing VARCHAR and NVARCHAR Types