Server Audit Mystery 1: Filtering class_type gets Error Msg 25713

Server Audits allow filtering on certain fields. Two fields claim to be strings, yet don't accept strings for filters. Here's how I figured out filtering on class_type (i.e. object type) :-)

Stored Procedure / Function / View / Trigger Definitions Can Be Wrong, Even If sp_rename Was Never Used

Some object definitions will be wrong after using sp_rename. But there's another way to have an out-of-sync definition that most are unaware of.

Which Collation is Used to Convert NVARCHAR to VARCHAR in a WHERE Condition? (Part B of 2: “Rabbit”)

Who will win "Who's Collation is it Anyway?" Database Collation is ahead, but Column Collation isn't about to give up.

Which Collation is Used to Convert NVARCHAR to VARCHAR in a WHERE Condition? (Part A of 2: “Duck”)

Microsoft says string literals not prefixed with "N" are converted to the Code Page of the Database OR referenced column. Is that true?

Line-Continuation in T-SQL

Some (or maybe most?) languages and operating system command shells allow for breaking up long lines into multiple lines (i.e. lines separated by hitting Enter / Return). This is accomplished by ending a line with a particular character that indicates that the line is not ending. For operating system shells this means that the command… Continue reading Line-Continuation in T-SQL

All New Collations in SQL Server 2017 Implicitly Support Supplementary Characters

SQL Server 2017 adds 68 new Collations, but none end with "_SC". This seems to be due to Supplementary Characters being supported by default (which is great 😺).